Monday, March 2, 2009

No one seems to understand my urgency

After laying around most of the weekend and trying to rest and fully recuperate from this grud, I decided to call the dr. back today. Most people could not believe I was going back to the dr. after my long wait last week but I have got to get well! When I called, I was greeted with sure, come on in around 11:45. In my mind I am thinking - perfect time! They will want to get everyone in and out in order to go to lunch - NOT! After about 45 minutes or so, we were told that the dr. was in but had not seen a patient yet. OK, I am trying to digest that comment and before I have an opportunity to question the nurse, another lady speaks up and inquires exactly what that here it is 12:30 and the first patient of the day has not been seen. We are hoping we have misunderstood but that was not the case. Since I work right down the street from this office, I ask if I can return to work and come back at a later time....I go back to work and return to the drs. office later in the day. This time, while sitting in the waiting room, I engage in a conversation with a sweet little old lady. She turned to me and said honey, I'm hungry...I've been here a long time. Of all the days to not have a snack in my pocketbook! I sure wanted to help her out. As we were talking, I explained to her my urgency to get well. She just smiled and said, grandchildren make a world of difference, don't they! Unfortunately no one else understood because I was told to take some more medicine and rest and it will take time for it to run its course! I was hoping for a quick fix like maybe a shot in each hip - something that would work overnight! Well I will press on with the rest and meds because I am determined to be A-okay by this weekend. The good thing is I am much better and almost there! If you have any home remedies for a lingering cough, holler at me and let know.

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