Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to have a plan. A few weeks back, my niece, Kelly, contacted me and suggested all of our family get together for my mom's birthday. I was all for it and started putting my wheels in motion to plan things. I planned the menu, ordered a birthday cake, contacted my sibilings and for the first time in forever everyone was going to be able to come for the birthday! The plan was to be in church to see my mom's choir sing, watch her expression when she noticed the flowers in the church were in honor of her, gather at our house for lunch and enjoy fellowship with each other. All week long I had been looking forward to this day because I knew my mom would be so excited to have all her "children" together. Well, well....Friday things started slowing falling apart. I went to pick up my mom's birthday cake and her name was biggie, I 'll just get the cake lady to redo her name. Well the cake lady is no where to be found so I decided not to sweat it. Saturday morning, my mom calls and is sick and needs to see a doctor...we manage to get that accomplished and got her on some meds. I also talk to my brother whose son is not feeling well so only half of his family can make the trip from Georgia. Then when I talk to my sister, she is sick, and she won't be here as well as one of her children who is sick. I take a deep sigh and and realize as much as I wanted ALL of us to be together, I am excited about those who can come. This morning I called to wish my mom a Happy Birthday and she was still not feeling real well and therefore was not going to make it to this point, I share the news about the flowers and assure her we will take pictures of them for her to see. Everyone brought some good food for the lunch and by the end of the day, "a large time" had been had by all. I hope my mom enjoyed her day, I know I sure did. As I write this post, the quietness of my house is almost deafening...I honestly believe I could live like the folks did on the tv show "Dallas'...where everyone lived in one big house! (I probably just dated myself by writing that) Anyway, I close by saying Happy Birthday Mama Jean and I hope that everyone made it home safely!

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jan kessler said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day with family. No matter how much we plan for things to go perfect everything happens for a reason. Hope you have a good week.