Saturday, July 10, 2010

Newlyweds becoming oldyweds

I read once that newlyweds become oldyweds and oldyweds are the reasons that families work.

Today I look back over 34 years of marriage and 39 years of being with the same man. It all started in the back yard of my neighbor when I was over visiting him and his best friend dropped by. The best friend was Loitton and is he now my best friend and has been for all these years. I can truly say it was love at first sight as corny as that might sound. I vividly remember telling my sister after one of our first dates, I will marry him and sure enough I did.

As with all marriages and relationships we have had our fair share of ups and downs. Trials and tribulations. Joys and sorrows. Pride and some not so proud moments. But when we said for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health forsaking all others, we meant it.

Heather commented this morning that she was thankful for our marriage. I truly believe the best gift we have ever given any of our children is our relationship with each other. We have tried to show them unconditional love, respect for one another and first and foremost love for God.

As our family gathered last night to celebrate Kyle's 21st birthday, I looked around the room and smiled. Loitton and I have been blessed with three amazing children, an awesome son in law, a terrific daughter in law and another daughter in law will join our family in April 2011. We have also enjoyed two grandchildren that are the light of our lives!

As my neighbor once told me, I am the richest woman in the world. Richly blessed! I give God the praise and the glory for our marriage so far and truly hope he continues to bless us for many many more years together.