Saturday, September 10, 2011

Phrases=some I like some not so much

As I took Morgan Kate back to her mommy today all I could think of is a phrase my father in law used to say. His quote was about grandchildren. He would say that is was grand to see them come and grand to see them go. I used to chuckle when he said that. At that time I was the parent and he was the grandparent. I wasn't laughing today. I am always glad to see our grandchildren come and so so sad to see them go. Especially today!

I had Morgan Kate for two whole nights at our house. I say I had her to myself because Loitton was working therefore I had tons of one on one time with her. I get so excited about her visits that I start planning in advance on what we will do while she is here. This time was no exception. Thursday we went and bought a movie so she and I could curl up on the sofa and watch the movie and eat popcorn. We also bought a play dough set (breakfast version) and made lots of waffles, bacon, and triangle things that we didn't know what to call (haha) Friday we went to visit Mama Jean, have lunch, Morgan Kate got a little piano lesson in from MJ, she napped like a champ, she helped me plant flowers, we took her out for dinner and cuddled more on Friday evening. I hated to see the night end because I knew Saturday morning would bring things to an end. I returned her to her mommy and daddy...she was ready to see them. But this was only an end for this visit.

I am already thinking about our next visit. Morgan Kate - you light up my life and I love you BIG!!