Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yikes - 30 years ago!

Just typing in black and white that an event took place in my life 30 years ago sounds like a long time. But for this particular event, it seems like only yesterday. On August 16, 1980, our first child was brought into the world. Labor was not easy but the result was so worth the pain. On that day Heather Morgan Hardison was born at 11:16 in the morning. And on that day my life was changed forever. On that day my heart basically started walking around outside my body. On that day Loitton and I became parents and on that day it was love at first sight.

It would be impossible to share the many many memories that have blesssed me over the past 30 years but one or two of them immediately pop into my head. As a baby Heather and I would get up and go to Sunday School and Loitton would meet us at church. After many attempts by me to get him involved in Sunday School, guess who was the convincing factor...Heather. She would tell everyone that "her daddy was home eating cheese toast". He eventually went with us basically to keep her from saying that :) I vividly remember the first day that I took her to day care. I did fairly well when I left her but when I got to work I fell apart. Unfortunately I work with mostly men so there was no sympathy, just strange looks. I remember her putting a plate of spaghetti on her head and laughing that noodles hanging down looked like her hair. I remember preschool, elementary, middle school and all the little girl drama that went along with that. I remember high school, graduation, college, her masters degree...and so many things in between. I remember her wedding day and dancing into the wee hours of the morning. I rememeber her pregnancy test with Morgan Kate (Burger King and we did get it our way...he he). I remember the heartaches along the way and the challenges we overcame together!

I now watch her as a mom and I watch her with incredible pride. We have come full circle. Tomorrow she will drop Morgan Kate off for the first day at her day care provider and my eyes will fill with tears much like they did back in 1980 when I dropped Heather off for the first time. I will know her emotions and I will know the love she feels. A bond like none other....a bond between a parent and a child. Heather, my prayers continue for you as you transition into a "new normal". However as your mom, I know you will meet the challenge and one day down the road, you will be telling Morgan Kate the same things I am sharing with you.

Let me go ahead and say Happy Birthday! I am so thankful for the gift of parenthood and may your next 30 years be just as rewarding. Love you Skeeta!