Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another weekend without enough days

Wow - can't believe another fun filled weekend and oh so sad to see it end. Last weekend was family oriented, lots of time with our children and their friends. This weekend was strictly dedicated to us - Loitton and I! Friday afternoon as I was leaving my office, I thought I would treat myself to a pedicure. As I headed home, I looked forward to some down time, time to relax and enjoy the evening with my hubby! The evening started off great - steaks on the grill, taking time to talk and catch up on the week...just chillin. While we were in the yard, we allowed our lab, Chevy, to get out of the pen and roam a little. Well, his roaming turned into his first overnight away from home!! All throughout the night we got up and would look outside just knowing that he would be at the back door - not. Saturday morning we decided to pack up and head to Charleston for the day. As we were loading the car we looked up and guess who came home - Chevy! Dog tired and I mean that literally :) After fussing some, we hugged his neck and put him back in his pen. Not sure when his next outing will be. At least with him home, we could go to Charleston and enjoy ourselves. WELL...we did not get the memo about all the activities taking place in Charleston this weekend. The Blue Angels were in town, Folly Beach was having a Sea and Sand Festival and their was a cancer poker run. All of this coupled with just a normal day in Charleston made for tons and tons of traffic. Lady luck was on our side...we beat the heavy traffic into Folly Beach, we beat the dinner crowd at California Dreaming, and managed to do a little shopping. All in all a wonderful day. This morning we topped our weekend off with church activities and another afternoon of relaxing. Oh how I love the weekend when Loitton does not have to work! As I was putting this post together, the song "You're still the one" came on and I just laughed. I have to agree....after all these years, you are still the one Loitton Hardison. I sure enjoyed the weekend, my better half :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

There are not enough days in the weekend!

I thought when I was younger that once I got married I would not wish for the weekends however as I have gotten older, I long for the weekends even more. It seems like there are just not enough days in the weekend and this past weekend was a good indication of that.

On Friday I felt like our home was a distribution center...people were coming and going. They were all there for one reason. They needed to pick up their "Team Morgan Kate" tshirts for the big walk. We had some dear family in town to help us get ready for the event and to just hang out and enjoy fellowship. One thing that our family prides itself on is the closeness that exists and has always existed. When one family member is in need of support, everyone steps up. My sister, niece, and a friend (Charlotte) came on Friday, had dinner with us, and was there for the weekend events. On Saturday, other family and friends joined us to kick off the walk for the March of Dimes. I was almost breathless as I looked out over the crowd of supporters, almost 70 in number, sporting a tshirt designed by Heather in honor of Morgan Kate! We not only walked for Morgan Kate, but for our other grandchild, Hunter, who was born at 35 weeks and we walked in hope that "Baby Lee" my niece, Kelly's little one who is due in October and Becca (Amanda and JP's) little one due in two weeks and Nolan (Raven and Koto's) little boy will be born healthy and full term. You see we really walked for all babies - because all babies deserve to be born healthy!

A walk is using one's feet to advance or to accompany someone and I was honored and proud to use my feet on Saturday to accompany all of those people who sacrified their Saturday morning to walk for babies! I hesitate to mention all the names for fear of overlooking someone but you know who you are and I will never forget you doing this!

The weekend was capped off by a baby shower on Sunday for a very special mommy to be. Raven was honored by her friends (Heather, Liz, Melissa and Rita) at a baby shower - everything was perfect down to every little detail. Special detail for a very special mommy!

Wow - what a weekend! I honestly had to go back to work to rest :)