Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An important walk

Walk - to go on foot for pleasure or exercise. For years, I have loved to walk...never became a runner. However there are those who have picked at me saying that my walking is equivalent to someone running. Some days I walk for the exercise, some days I walk to just enjoy the fresh air, some days it helps release stress while other days I walk to commune with God and pour my soul out to Him. On Saturday, I will take walking to a whole different level. I will be walking for a purpose and for a very special person. I, along with other family members, will walk in the March of Dimes Walk in honor of our precious Morgan Kate and in recognition of an organization that cares about premature births and healthy pregnancies. Their program stresses that one day all babies will be born healthy but we have to walk to get there! Not only do we have to walk we have to contribute and contributions are still being accepted. So Saturday I will not only be walking for the exercise, but for the pleasure of doing something to honor Morgan Kate!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I could really get use to this!

Thursday evening my hubby and I were sitting here talking about what we might do for the weekend. We like to have a plan. The phone rang. It was Heather and we chatted for a few minutes and then she said "we are coming home tomorrow, if that is OK". I actually thought I had misunderstood. I couldn't imagine that I would be lucky enough to have them home two weekends in a row! I guess Loitton could hear the excitement in my voice because when I hung up, he just laughed and said I guess we know what we are doing this weekend. Yep, seeing, loving, and looking at our beautiful Morgan Kate! I try and catch myself when I make comments like that because I wouldn't dare want Heather and Travis to think we don't get excited about them being here.

We try to make things special when they come home....I want them to be able to relax and enjoy family time, enjoy meals they don't have to prepare, and enjoy being able to do things knowing someone else can take care of Morgan Kate (they really have to twist my arm for me to do that - he he).

The weekend was a blast! We got to spend some good quality time together doing things our family likes to do....Saturday was spent at the farm, hanging out, eating, fellowshipping and riding the 4wheelers - life doesn't get much better. One thing was missing though - Owens had to work and Trenholm was away for the weekend so they weren't able to come. Maybe next time!

As Heather, Travis and Morgan Kate drove out of the driveway to go home today....I could already feel the quietness of our house but I had to smile having had such an awesome weekend. Hope each of you had a fun weekend!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ready and waiting!

I probably feel like a small child at Christmas.....the excitement is building. I think I have everything in place and ready for the arrival of Morgan Kate.

I hope that each of you have a wonderful Easter Day! May we all remember the reason we have this day - thank you God !

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Big weekend for so many reasons

Tomorrow is Good Friday...I think I have thought more this year than I have in a while of the importance of tomorrow and what it means to me as a Christian. When I stop and think about Jesus being crucified on the cross and the pain he endured all because he loves us so very much that he was willing to sacrifice his life. Wow - an unbelievable thought! Amazing to think his love is that great! I'm so grateful that He loves me even on my most "unlovable" days.

I have also reflected this week on the fact that God is still in the business of miracles and our "little miracle" is coming for a visit this weekend. I can't wait and I'll be sure to let you know how our visit goes. Until then, Happy Easter and may we all concentrate on the true meaning of Easter.