Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An important walk

Walk - to go on foot for pleasure or exercise. For years, I have loved to walk...never became a runner. However there are those who have picked at me saying that my walking is equivalent to someone running. Some days I walk for the exercise, some days I walk to just enjoy the fresh air, some days it helps release stress while other days I walk to commune with God and pour my soul out to Him. On Saturday, I will take walking to a whole different level. I will be walking for a purpose and for a very special person. I, along with other family members, will walk in the March of Dimes Walk in honor of our precious Morgan Kate and in recognition of an organization that cares about premature births and healthy pregnancies. Their program stresses that one day all babies will be born healthy but we have to walk to get there! Not only do we have to walk we have to contribute and contributions are still being accepted. So Saturday I will not only be walking for the exercise, but for the pleasure of doing something to honor Morgan Kate!

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Melissa and Sam said...

I am looking forward to walking with you on Saturday! What a day we'll have together- the gals!
Love and Prayers,