Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day

Like everything good in life, children are a gift from God. We parents (and grandparents) are just caretakers of the children that God has blessed us with. This Sunday, mothers all over the world, will celebrate Mother's Day. I think for me being a mother is the ultimate priviledge. My children are my life and they bless me each and every day even when I could "pinch their heads off"....he he. I stand in awe when I think that God chose me to be their mother!

My husband and I have always thought it was our responsibility to dedicate our children back to their Creator as well as dedicate ourselves to helping them know Him. So each one of them was dedicated in our church. I fondly remember each dedication and each service provided its own special memories. I remember Heather's service, our first born and our first dedication service. I was nervous about the participation and prayed and hoped she wouldn't cry during the service. She did great and didn't cry, in fact smiled and chattered, thoroughly entertaining the congregation. Owens' dedication was no different. He was actually due to be born on Mother's Day but came the day after so his dedication service came a full year later on Mother's day. He was a little older and therefore he was full of character and wanted to "talk" out loud. Kyle's dedication was just as unique. It was the first time our church performed a dedication service other than at Mother's Day. We had an abundance of newborns that year and therefore we had a dedication service in October of 1989. Kyle was only 3 months old and we had just rebounded from Hurricane Hugo. Little did I know at that time, that although my daddy complained of having to come back early from a Clemson weekend for a dedication service, that God's timing was perfect! We dedicated Kyle in October and my dad passed away in November. Kyle made his prescence known that day - he cried the whole service.

Twenty years later, we will be present for another dedication service. This service will be the dedication of our first grandchild, Morgan Kate. Her birth, in itself, is a miracle and to be able to dedicate her back to her Creator will be an awesome experience. As I write this, just the thought of her dedication brings me to tears. To share in Heather and Travis making the commitment to oversee Morgan Kate's Christian development is very special. But not only will Morgan Kate's parents be making the commitment, her grandparents will too. Dedication to me means not only by words but also by example. I pray that God will work in me to help me be a good example for Morgan Kate and I dedicate myself to that purpose.

Happy Mother's Day to all and a very special Happy Mother's Day to Heather as she celebrates her first of many special days!


Heather and Travis said...

Awww Mommy! Your post brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud to be your daughter and I hope that I am making you proud as a new mom. I am so excited for this weekend! Love you muches.

Melissa and Sam said...

You are just too sweet! Not only have you been a Christian example to your children and Morgan Kate but also to me as well! I love you and I hope that you'll enjoy greatly this weekend especially since it's your 29th Mother's Day but 1st as a Grandmother!
Love and Prayers,

"The Lord hath done great things for us." Psalm 126:3