Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday was a day of highs and lows 0r should I say a low! I'll start with the highs and they involve all of my children. First up....I get a phone call from Heather saying that she has received the best news in all the world. I immediately laugh and ask if she is pregnant. She doesn't find the humor in that statement because she is so excited with her news. Morgan Kate went to the pulmonary doctor and got an excellent report!! He said he wouldn't even consider her as having chronic lung disease. Oh my gosh - I was so overwhelmed with joy that I couldn't even talk to her I just passed the phone along to her daddy. Little did I know that they were going to talk for about 30 minutes so I am standing there wondering about everything that the doctor said. I knew by the expression on Loitton's face that everything was good - he was one beaming granddaddy! Next up, I get a phone call from Owens. He and I email alot but there are days where we just have to pick up the phone and call because there is nothing like hearing his voice and actually talking to him. He asked if his dad and I would be around this weekend because he was coming home! Boy was that music to my ears. Since Morgan Kate has been born, most of our family time has been spent in Columbia so he has not been home in quite some time. Immediately my wheels start turning on what meals to prepare, what we can do this weekend, etc. Then baby boy (ha ha) calls! He, too, is excited - I mean fast talking excitement. Kyle had gone turkey hunting for the first time and killed a turkey! Now I am new to this type of hunting so I may not fully convey the right terminology....but boy he was a plump turkey and that "thing" that hangs down ...can't think of the name was long (I want to say they call it a beard)! Kyle explained it to me it was in comparison to the antlers on a determines how good the kill was (I think). Anywho...excitement was in the air at our house!

Then along came the low which took some of the wind out of my's a lengthy story but the gest of it was an adult man thought he could come in our yard and fuss at my son! Need I say mother instinct and claws were at full force. It's a situation like this that reminds me why God placed a very calm, levelheaded man in my life. He convinced me to let it go! I bet most of you moms out there are thinking "oh heck no" but I know the best thing to do is to leave it alone and I did. In the big scheme of my day, this was really trivial and in no way could damper all the good news and excitement. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the weekend. Hope your day has been full of highs!


jan kessler said...

Praise God for the great reports for Morgan Kate yesterday and today. I am so excited for Kyle. Way to Go! Yeah! I have one, well I inherited mine, it was PaPa's. I came across a turkey print when I worked for the Veterinarian before becoming a nurse and had it framed for PaPa and attached it to the frame. I love it. Hope you have a good week.


Anonymous said...

Just found your Blog (thru MK's). VERY cool! I didn't see you at the banquet last night, but if you were in the back I may have missed you. I really enjoyed hearing Jen. She was precious! Have a great weekend and enjoy the big Birthday party!

Anonymous said...

Oh...I guess I'm too anonymous.. this is Kathy II :-)