Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Yesterday my mom had to have her pacemaker replaced and for most people that is usually a fairly simple procedure but for her she makes the surgeon work for his money. She is totally dependent on hers so it's a little tricky (a test to the doctor's dexterity)....he has to get one out and the other pacemaker in place in a very timely fashion. Yesterday was a success! After the procedure, she came to our house to spend the night. Having not had anything to eat all day, she was starved and we probably could have fed her a peanut butter sandwich and she would have been thrilled but we did a little better than that.

I am a person who is all about routine and a schedule...sometimes I'm a little too obsessive about a schedule. So when it came time to go to bed, I wanted my mom to sleep downstairs to avoid the stairs and I slept up stairs. Because of our schedule, right off the bat, Gracie - my sweet little maltese, knew something was not right....she pranced around for quite some time before she agreed that it was OK for us to sleep upstairs. We crawled into bed, said our prayers and as I turned off the lights I noticed these bright spots on the ceiling. I rubbed my eyes thinking I must be seeing things but then it dawned on me....Heather in one of her many decorating attempts had put these stick on stars on the ceiling that glow in the dark when the lights are off. I honestly laughed out loud. My mind started to wonder and I reflected on all the many times she had decorated her room - put zig zag lines on the wall - painted it every color in the rainbow - to the point that the paint is so thick on the walls that it has a crackling effect look. I thought about all the laughing and crying that had taken place in that room.. I truly reflected on her entire childhood. Those stars turned out to be better than counting sheep because apparently I drifted off to sleep. I can't wait to see all the attemps MK will make in decorating her room :)


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I'm testing out your comments section. I am the above comment too.

Jan Kessler said...

Glad your Mom is doing well. Wish I had known about her pacemaker surgery to say some extra prayers for her. If you need a prayer partner for anything just call me. I as well as MaMa feel you are an extended family. It will be really interesting to see and hear about the things MK is going to do in her room and how Heather and Travis will reflect back over the years. Heather, Travis and Morgan Kate are very special to us.

Jan and MaMa

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Krystal Bozard said...

Glad everything is going well with your mom!! I had those stars on my celing too! :)