Friday, February 27, 2009

Don't be bashful and say a prayer for me

Thanks to Heather, I actually have developed some "followers" but I think most of them must be shy. I only get one or two comments and they are usually from Heather. I could almost get my feelings hurt - ha ha because either what I have to say isn't noteworthy to leave a comment or maybe people don't feel comfortable sharing their comments. Oh well hopefully some of you will decide to leave me a comment or two and let me know you are out there.

These past two weeks have been rough - I'm probably like a lot of you and have been fighting "the crud". I am known to be hard headed so I attempted to battle this on my own. Well it didn't take me but a day or two to realize this was a little more than sinus or a head cold. I broke down and made a doctor's appointment. I would probably go to the doctor more often but at this particular office, you are known to have to wait a long time before seeing the doctor. The day I went was no exception.....I got there, signed in and was immediately told that the doctor had not arrived for the day. I wanted to walk out at that point but I felt too bad so I endured! Two and half hours later, I was leaving, bill in one hand and prescription in the other. I have been on meds for two weeks now for bronchitis, sinus infection and ear infection! I still can't seem to get rid of the horrible cough. Normally I would try and be patient however these days my main objective is to stay healthy. At this point you are probably saying, isn't that everyone's objective to stay healthy. Well for me, staying healthy takes on a whole new meaning...if I ain't healthy, I don't get to see Morgan Kate! I was suppose to go this weekend and keep her while her daddy and mommy went to an appointment. Unfortunately, Heather and I talked and we both agreed - no way could I risk being around any of them. So this weekend I will stay at home, try and rest and hopefully get better! On Monday, if I am still struggling, I will be back at the doctor's office. That right there should tell you how much it means to me to see Morgan Kate because no one wants to have to sit that long to see a doctor EXCEPT this grandmother who does not want to go another weekend without seeing that precious face! Wish me luck and pray that I get well.


Justin and Jessica Jones said...

I am so sorry you have been feeling so poorly. My family has been sufferring from the crud for the past few weeks too. It seems to be an endless cycle with the kids from December to March. I will say a prayer that you will be able to see your MK very soon.
:) Jessica

Laura Jervey said...

So I just said my prayer for you! I know you hate not being able to see Morgan Kate right now. I felt terrible sometimes not letting people visit when Luke first came home, but that was my job :) Heather and Morgan Kate are so blessed to have you.
While I'm adding you to my prayer list, please add Luke to yours. We found out Thursday that Luke may have to have a heart catheter procedure within the next year for a narrowing of his pulmonary artery. Mark and I had been told that he may have to have that after his open heart surgery, but we were under the impression that it would be in his twenties or thirties...Needless to say, we are so scared and don't want Luke to have to go through all of this. Please keep him in your prayers. I will keep you and your girls in mine!!!
Laura Jervey