Thursday, February 19, 2009

Full Circle

I typed a post last night and was going to preview it before posting it and guess what....I wiped it out completely! Being new to this blogging, I still haven't quite got everything down pat but I'm trying. I don't know about others, but I vividly recall saying "I will never do that when I have children" or "I will never say that"....well I think if we wait long enough, we might all sound like our mothers. After all, they are the women who raised us and had an impact on our lives. The reason this came to my mind is my daughter, Heather, posted on her blog that her daughter, Morgan Kate, didn't like to have clothes put on over her head and that she would fuss if she did put things over her head. I chuckled when I read this because it brought back memories of when Heather did not want to wear a bonnet on her head. My mother in law would make these beautiful smocked dresses with a matching bonnet and on Sunday morning, I would get Heather all dressed up in her Sunday best and attempt to put the bonnet on her head. She would fight, she would pout, she was determined she was not going to wear it. I was just as determined that she was so she at least left the house with the bonnet on her head. Heather, thinking she was so smart, would take it off on the ride to church and stuff it in the seat. We would get to church and she would look at me so innocently and say, I don't know what happened to my bonnet. All that to say, I support Morgan Kate in her fight against having things put on over her head! I guess I won't be able to share that secret with Morgan Kate until she gets a little older but I can't wait to share that with her and sit back and laugh....realizing that I have come full circle.


Heather and Travis said...

Ha, ha, ha! So very funny!

I will have to closely monitor your conversations with Morgan Kate. Hee, hee!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Still teach your kids stuff, your parents are home! Or do stuff like blow up gallon milk jugs on the floor of Kroger!


Nancy Bozard said...

I am so proud of your blog. What a cute story about Heather and Morgan Kate and the bonnets!! MK looks so pretty in her smocked dresses. I don't think I have even gotten Juliana or Megan a smocked dress. Elizabeth had a few. Where are they?