Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Half way to the weekend

Yesterday started with me oversleeping - something I have never done but apparently I either cut my alarm clock off or just slept right throught it. This morning I was up at my regular time which allows me time to have my breakfast and devotion time. It's amazing how much better my day goes when I start if off that way. Oddly enough (or not so oddly) alot of the time my devotion turns out to be just the message that God intended for me that day. Today's devotion was about One of a suggested we type in the phrase "none like him" on an search engine and see all the hits you will get. Some are Christian websites, some pertain to athletes, etc. God's defintion of "none like him" or being one of a kind differs from what you will find on the internet. I think God means for me to trust him no matter what others may do. I have learned to trust God more in the last few months because I know ultimately He is in control and if I just turn things over to him and try not to "handle" things myself the outcome is so much better. I trusted God and hoped that He would find it in his will to help Morgan Kate's lungs get better and He did. Yesterday the doctor told Heather and Travis that they could take her off of her oxygen. Woohoo! So tonight when she goes to bed, she will be oxygen free for the first time since she was born on August 24, 2008! What a milestone - way to go Morgan Kate. You are quite the fighter.

The reason I am so excited about being half way through the week is because I am going to see Morgan Kate on Friday and stay with her while her parents go out to eat. They think it is a treat for them when really the treat is for me!

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