Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My favorite numbers

My goodness - it is the 24th day of February. This month is flying by. Today is special for several reasons....one, it's my nephew's birthday - Happy Birthday Luke! Another person I know is celebrating his birthday - Charlie Sutcliffe (I work with his mom) and yet another special person is celebrating this day too - Morgan Kate is 6 months old today. The number 24 has always been my favorite number....it was my jersey number when I played sports in high school, I had my first date with Loitton on September 24, and my dad passed away on November 24. I know that sounds a little crazy to say it is your favorite number if your dad passed away on that date, but I learned to look at it as a celebration day of when he went to heaven. I didn't always look at it in that particular light - it took me a while because it was such an unexpected and untimely death. I was only 33 and boy did I want him around much much longer! I guess for years after his death, November 24th, was a hard day for me. I watched my mom become overwhelmed with that date and therefore, when Heather got pregnant and we thought her baby would be due the end of November, I prayed that she would be born on the 24th! I thought if something as awesome as the birth of a child occurred on that date, my mom would no longer dread that day so much. Well, my prayers were not answered quite like I had in mind however Morgan Kate was born on the 24th! She was also born in the 8th month which brings me to my second favorite number - 8! In the Bible, the number 8 is significant because it signifies a new beginning, a regeneration, a new first. Morgan Kate is our new first - our new first grandchild. I find myself sometimes stopping when I say grandchild....it still seems odd for me to say that....to think I am someone's grandmother. I'm sure down the road, I will have plenty of favorite numbers - like when my second grandchild is born, or my third or fourth, or even fifth. I have plenty of room in my heart for "new favorite numbers". Happy 6th month MK!

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Heather and Travis said...

Can you believe it's been six months? Crazy... I still remember that day like it was yesterday. You and I were "sharing" my hospital breakfast and then it was bath time. You walked down the hall for just a second with Mrs. Jackie and then it all went crazy from there. Thank goodness we are six months down the road and all is so very well.

Love you!