Friday, March 12, 2010

William Hunter Hardison

On Wednesday, March 10, at 8:20 pm, our first grandson was born! William Hunter Hardison weighed 7 lbs 4 ozs and was 20 3/4" long.

When Morgan Kate was born, I sent Heather a poem I had come across about becoming a grandmother. I found it online and loved what it said. I edited it, of course, for Morgan Kate's situation. Yesterday, I pulled the poem out again and revised it for our first grandson.

It was taken from a Chicken Soup for the Soul devotion. This is how is goes....

A Grandmother Is Born

It’s the time I’ve been waiting for, yet when it comes, it’s still a shock.

This is it, Kyle, my baby is having his baby!

And so the adventure begins. This pregnancy was a roller coaster ride and we held our breath and prayed earnestly that this baby would not be born too early. We prayed that this baby would be born healthy and that this baby would heal hearts, and bring two families together in a special way.

You called on Wednesday morning and said Mom, come…he is on his way! This time I could reach your dad on the phone…unlike when Morgan Kate was born. We arrived and began our day of anticipation. I did a little pacing and a lot of praying! I sat and watched your excitement build, Kyle. I sat and thought a million thoughts, and said short sentence prayers throughout the day.

Today, I knew that I would be somebody’s grandmother again!

After an afternoon of waiting, Kyle, you burst through the hallway doors and words escaped you. You stood there and in that moment I knew your world had forever been changed. I knew that a grown man had been brought to his knees by a tiny little baby.

I meet that bundle moments later and fall madly, desperately, hopelessly in love. Of course, I wept and laughed and thanked God for allowing me this moment, this gift, this day.

Later, his new uncles and aunts greet Hunter, laugh joyously at his perfection, and it dawns on us that Heather is an aunt for the first time.

This being, after all, the age of technology, the moments are dutifully recorded on video camera and pictures are flashing everywhere. Someday, we will watch—and laugh at our foolishness. But for this day, it is totally acceptable to act this way and to marvel at the new life.

A baby is born. The universal family of man—and our family—grows once again. It is as old as time and as new as tomorrow’s dawn. The dance of life goes on. The circle grows. And a dazed, overwhelmed grandmother tiptoes out of a room where a miracle has happened, wondering how she ever got to be so lucky! Thank you God for the blessing of grandchildren.

I love you Hunter Hardison! Welcome to our family.


Anonymous said...

A grandmother's sentiments exactly! He is a beautiful baby boy and a wonderful little bundle of joy. God's blessing to so many. Love you, Phala

Melissa and Sam said...

You always touch my heart by your words for your very special and dear family!