Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This past weekend Heather, Trav and MK came for a visit. It was her first time seeing our Christmas tree and boy was it fun! I remember being excited about putting up the tree when our children were young but I think I was so in the moment that I really didn't take the time to step back and take it all in. When MK was here I did step back, I watched her every move, watched her eyes literally sparkle at the lights and I listened as she tried to express her approval of what she saw. She immediately wanted to touch and feel the tree, the ornaments and oh boy, she even got into the gifts. Christmas with a small child is such an amazing thing.....I wish I had taken more time to appreciate the moments when our children were younger. As parents, I think we get so busy that we don't stop and enjoy the holidays like we should. I'm trying this year to do better...to stop and observe and watch the joy of Christmas unfold in the eyes of a child. I can't wait to introduce her to the "traditions" set by our family. Some of our traditions include the annual candlelight service at our church followed by dinner at my mother in law's house for my husband's side of the family. On Christmas morning, we all go in at the same time to see what Santa has brought, then we enjoy a breakfast casserole and coffee ring, we open gifts, enjoy fellowship with one another and then close out Christmas Day with a supper for my side of the family. This year we will introduce having a birthday cake for Jesus so that Morgan Kate can blow out the candle and start her traditions. What are some of your family traditions....please share. Merry Christmas everyone! May we all remember the reason for the season.

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Heather and Travis said...

Well of course we have the same traditions. But my two absolute favorites are Christmas Eve dinner at Mammie's and then Christmas morning at your house. It's so special, so fun and so filled with family! Love you!