Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reflections and a Birthday

I guess between Father's day, the funeral of a good friend's dad, and the fact that it has been twenty years since my daddy died, I have thought about him alot lately. I've also thought about how much he would have loved getting to know Kyle, our youngest. Kyle turns 20 on Friday and at times he and I butt heads and really clash. There actually have been a few times when we have accused each other of not loving each other but if he only knew my heart, he would know just how wrong that thinking fact quite the contrary. My bond with him will always be very special because he got me through one of the toughest times in my life....the death of my daddy.

Kyle was born July 3, 1989. Instantly loved by not only us as his parents, but his sister and big brother as well. I certainly can't leave out how much his grandparents loved him too. My daddy would get upset if I would not stop by each and every day and let him swing Kyle in their outdoor swing. Along came September of that year and we experienced Hurricane Hugo. We had to warm bottles on the outside grill and try and keep a 2 month old happy without electricity! In November of that year, my daddy died very unexpectedly. I was totally devastated and at times completely lost for words. I walked around feeling numb.....however in my darkest hours, I had a new baby boy that was keeping my mind occupied and busy. Between him and his siblings, I was able to face each day with a little more strength than the day before. See God in his infinite wisdom knew that we would need Kyle and he would get me through some tough times. I hardly know where the 20 years have gone ....just doesn't seem that long ago that Kyle was a "baby" and now he is a man. Happy Birthday Kyle and just for the record - I love you!


Heather and Travis said...

I can't believe Boo will be 20 either. It seems like just yesterday I was carrying him around on my hip and changing his diaper.

You two might bump heads occasionally, but it's probably because you two are sort of alike. You know, kind of like you and me. Like personalitites never see eye to eye all the time.

jan kessler said...

I love reading your blog. Hope Kyle had a great Bday.