Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time is flying by

I looked at my blog tonight and realized it has been a month today since my last post. Not that any one has missed it, but I have. I have always been one that likes putting my thoughts on helps me sorts through things and see things clearer. I have been reading blogs for quite some time and several I follow religiously. One in particular that I have been following has recently turned out to be a hoax. I literally have cried and prayed over this blog and the folks associated with it. Then I find out it is a bunch of untruths, just post after post of fictious information. I was really disappointed! To make matters worse for me, I recently found out that there are folks who actually get paid for you visiting their blog. The more views, the more money. In this particular, case I probably earned this family more than pocket change. I was so interested and prayerful for this family that I would check on them several times a day, actually more. They were all about the money and leading people into feeling sorry for them! So I guess when I view my blog and realize that I have a whopping 13 followers, you can be assured I will not get rich off of my least not in the sense of monetary value. I am richly blessed by those of you who come here to check in on me and occasionally leave a comment.

Life is way too busy these days, lots going on....some good, some not so good. Thank goodness for the constant of God's love each and every day.

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jan kessler said...

I do follow your blog and Heather and Travis' also. I do not always make a comment on either blog. It is like talking to you guys even though we don't see each other.