Tuesday, July 7, 2009

33 and still going strong!

It was the year 1971 and I had just celebrated my 15th birthday - perfect timing to meet someone since they won't have to buy you a birthday gift (he he). I met him in my neighbor's backyard and literally fell in love with him. I remember telling my sister a few week's later - I will marry that guy! I spent the next five years getting to know him and spending as much free time as I could with him. Along with the highs, there were lows, but the lows were what helped me realize just how blessed I was in having Loitton Hardison in my life. I had found one of the most patient men I know, one of the most complimentary men alive, and one of the most giving and devoted men ever born.

On September 19, 1975, he proposed to me and this Friday, July 10, we will celebrate 33 years of marriage. Wow that sounds like a long time but boy has it been alot of fun.

Now for a few fun facts. We got engaged on September 19 and were married on July 10. Four years ago, our daughter, Heather got married on July 9, and was engaged on September 18, 2004. So as you can see, our engagement dates are a day apart as well as our anniverary dates. We also had the same person perform our wedding vows, my uncle. He and his wife celebrate their anniversary on July 11. I can't really recall the number of years they have been married but it has to be close to 60 or more.

I love the history that Loitton and I have established with each other. He jokes alot about how he knows me better than my mom because after all he has had me longer than her! In reality that is true and I love the fact that he knows me so well, loves me so deeply and cares about family so much! I know God had him in mind for me and I sure am grateful! He is the love of my life and my everything. So Loitton, Happy Anniversary, and I look forward to growing older with you.

PS - Happy Anniversary to Heather and Travis and my uncle and his wife. May God continue to bless each of our marriages!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Kathy and Loitton!

jan kessler said...

Happy Anniversary Kathy and Loitton!

The Fricks said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Melissa and Sam said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Love you both very much,