Monday, May 7, 2012

Just a plain ole good day!

Over the last few weeks or maybe even longer, my hubby and I have been talking (or wishing) about a new boat.  One that was bigger.  One that would accomodate our family better.  One that even our moms would enjoy.  One where we could just kick back and relax.  Friday morning we ventured out for the boat search!  Our intent was to find a good used one, if there was such a thing.  We went to several places and we found ones that peaked our interest but none that just knocked our socks off.  We would leave each dealership and discuss the boat, the pros and cons, and we were okay with some of the ones we saw.  However early afternoon came and we were beginning to get hungry and tired.  I suggested we have lunch, regroup, and hopefully find other boat places.  Luck has it or I like to think it was a God thing...we got turned around trying to find the place we wanted to eat.  As we were driving Loitton noticed another boat dealership.  He turned to me and said I just think this is going to be the place!  We are going to pull up, see a boat we both like, and buy it.  I chuckled and commented that sure would be nice but I'm not counting on it.  We got out and started to look around.  I immediately saw one I liked and almost at the same exact time he was saying he saw one he liked.  As you can guess, we saw a boat that we both liked!  Woohoo.  We got the salesman to let us get on it and check it out.  Loitton only had two criteria for a boat and this boat had both.  My only critera was something big enough for all my children and grandchildren.  This boat had it all!  It was a big decision so we thought we needed a little time to think about it.  We went to grab a bite to eat.  As we sat there we found ourselves hurrying - we wanted to get back to that boat dealership.  We decided to take a leap of faith and buy it!  It will be in our possession on Thursday and we can hardly wait.  When we have looked back on Friday we just keep thinking to ourselves boy it was just a plain ole good day!  Time together, lunch, found a boat, and lots of laughter.  We look forward to so many more good ole days ahead.             

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