Thursday, March 22, 2012


I am the type that loves tradition....things that start and become part of your life and things that you look forward to doing each and every year. Our Spring Banquet at our church is one of those traditions. I started years ago inviting Heather to go with me. It was an opportunity for she and I to spend time together. Spend time together in a room full of Christian women, hearing a Christian message and participating in a mission. From there I invited two of her best friends that have been life long friends. These girls are like my own. I even remember one year getting a Mother's Day card from one of these sweet girls. I still have it to this day as a keepsake of Raven's thoughts and feelings. She may not even remember it but I will never forget it.

In more recent years I included Trenholm...even before she was my daughter in love :) She recently told me how much she looks forward to it and that it is a tradition to her as well. Well Tuesday night, I met the girls and we attended the Spring Banquet. The food was good, the speaker was inspiring and the fellowship superb! The message that night was about finding joy in your darkest moments. I think each of us that night could feel God tugging at our hearts and tugged He did.

Each year they have a door prize. And for the record Trenholm has gotten the door prize at our table for the last four years! I don't care if it goes to the person with the birthday closest to the day of the event or being the youngest at our table, she has received it. I love it!

As the program ended we had to of course get a few pictures. One of these days I will learn how to add a picture to my post :) We then headed out however we ended up in the parking lot talking. I might add that the fellowship time in the parking lot was just as enjoyable as the banquet. Thank you sweet girls for coming (especially on a week night) and sharing your time with me. I love each and every one of you! Until next year.

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