Thursday, October 22, 2009

Personality Types

A coworker and I were talking and he told me that he had recently studied personality types. He indicated that he studied four types (sanguine, melancholy, choleric and phlegmatic) and he went on to say what he thought his type was as well as the personality type of his wife. He laughed and said that he knew my type...choleric. He elaborated a little on his reasoning and left my office. Later in the day, I decided to read up on this and see what websites had to say about the personality types. I first investigated choleric.....strong willed, decisive, independent, confident, able to motivate the family, and excel during emergencies. I was feeling pretty good about myself and thinking it did sound somewhat like me. BUT then it listed the weaknesses of this personality....impatient, demanding of others, too independent, hesitant to say you are sorry, often give answers too quickly and can be inflexible. The air in my bubble was deflated because none of the weaknesses were too flattering, But each time I read back over these weaknesses, I realized that these words can describe me just as much as the strengths. I went one step further and read up about phlegmatic which is the personality trait of my hubby. Words such as low key, easy going, relaxed, keeps emotions hidden and all purpose, were words used to describe this personality trait. Another trait that popped out at me and caused me to laugh out loud was "not in a hurry". Anyone who knows my significant other knows just how true that is! It stated in my findings that these two personality types are compatible and compliment each other. I do agree.

It helps sometimes to see in black and white what your weaknesses might be and I am working on some of mine. I know that will delight my family :) What is your personality type - check them out and let me know. I think I agree with most of what I read, but definately not all of it.....there I go showing my choleric personality. Have a good evening!

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Melissa and Sam said...

Funny! I will have to check this out for sure!