Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Full Cirle and Empty Nest

I haven't blogged in a while....not because I don't have things to talk about I just haven't taken the time to put my thoughts in writing. Two things that are really striking close to home these days are the terms "full circle" and "empty nest". Let me try and explain...I'll start with empty nest because that is easy - no children at home. I have read some interesting aspects of the term empty nest syndrome. It surprised me that it is considered a syndrome but I guess no two people handle things in the same way. I understand there is a healthy way and a not so healthy way of handling this. I'm trying to go with the healthy way. For the record, I did wait for our last child to get out of the driveway before I immediately started cleaning his room (he he). In total honesty, I didn't do it until the next day. Whew - what a mess but what a relief to get it clean again. However I did have to stop, sit on his bed, and reflect back on the years he spent in that room. See his departure came rather suddenly and I had no time to think about it. I'm sure God realized how emotional it might be and allowed it to happen that way. From my reading, there is one thing they urge parents not to do. They don't want you to wake up, find that last child leaving the house, and you and your spouse are strangers! I'll never forget when our youngest was leaving that day he turned around to me and said "Mom is this going to be like the commerical when the last child leaves home, the parents go to Disneyworld"! I just laughed....we haven't been to Disneyworld but we have certainly taken advantage of good quality time together.

The next term "full circle" might not be as easy to explain but here goes....as a parent, I hope and pray that I have done the things necessary to prepare my children for life. In particular I am seeing the full circle in my "child having a child". I watched this past weekend as Morgan Kate is developing her personality and at times seems "strong willed" and I smile. I vividly remember her mom being that same way at her age and I'm sure if you asked my mom, she would say I was strong willed too. Just one of many examples of how I feel life is coming full circle. I look at full circle like a boomerang....you throw it out and hope it comes back. I feel like I gave it my all when raising my children and it is amazing to watch it "coming back" now in the way my grand child is being raised. I'm sure I'll have many more full circle moments or I certainly hope so.

Two terms, different meanings, but all a part of life and what a great life it is.


Heather and Travis said...

Welcome back to "Blog Land"! He, he! It sure is nice to read a new post.

I know empty nest is both nice and sad at the same time. But I know you and Daddy will so enjoy your time together!

I love you, Mommy!

Anonymous said...

Empty nest is not bad...it's another journey we take :) I loved raising our children...loved seeing them react with pride at their accomplishments along the way. Wow, God is GREAT! As you know (haha), we have been empty nesters for approx. 18 months and we still wish we could have more time together! And yes, the kids couldn't wait to get out on their own...but they make time to come back home pretty often (Yes!)...God's blessings are too many to count. You and I can witness to this as we have many times when we're together or talking on the phone :) I feel a "Diet Mountain Dew" need is just around the corner for us! Let Loitton know to have one on hand...Love ya always, Phala