Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just some thoughts

Recently Heather wrote a blog post about some things our family has learned recently. I too had some thoughts on that.  Besides learning that Loitton has prostate cancer, we learned that Loitton has been dealing with Afib for probably years, we learned that faith and family get you through everything in life, we learned that some friends are like family and prayers can be felt.  I also learned a few other things.  I learned that when you tell someone you have prostate cancer you DO NOT want to hear that at least that is a good kind of cancer to have.  There is NO good kind.  I learned that you do not want to have to wait in a doctor's office for 1 and 1/2 hours before being seen.  You do not want to get to the doctor's office for the results of a biopsy and be told that they do not have your results after waiting 10 days.  You are also do not want to have to waits weeks more before being seen by an oncologist. 

On a bright side, you do like to receive encouraging emails, text messages and pictures with no words but pictures that speak volumes.  You also like to encounter "angels" .  The day we went to the hospital for Loitton to have his bone scan and CT scan, a lady touched his shirt and told him "good luck and God bless you".  A woman we do not know, have never seen and will never see again.  I like to think an angel.  On that same day as we waited for him to have his scans, another "angel" passed me an envelope and told me that she wanted me to read the contents when I got home.   Minutes later, she asked me to step in the hall and she said I want you to know my paycheck comes from this hospital but I work for a higher Being.  She said she was compelled to encourage me and at that point shared the results of one of the scans with me.  She said our family deserved some good news.  So many times that day we were touched by very special people and text messages.  How awesome. 

We are only beginning this journey but I know God loves us and has plans for us.  I know we will have challenging days, sad days, days where all of this still seems like a bad dream...but I am trusting that we will have many bright days.  Please pray for us and pray that God will sustain us as only God can!         

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Anonymous said...

I hope God will help me keep your days bright and encouraged and pray He will let you always feel our love and support and prayers. Praying you are filled with God's peace that surpasses all our understanding. Lyn & Phala