Thursday, March 10, 2011

Things near and dear to my heart

Today, we celebrate the birthday of our grandson, Hunter. Off and on all day, I have thought back to the day he was born and the months prior to his birth. Hunter was another baby who threatened to come way too early and long before his due date. I honestly could not believe that we might be dealing with prematurity again. Luckily and by the grace of God, he was only born 5 weeks early but still such a scary time. As most of you know though our granddaughter was born 15 weeks too early and fought for her life.

I have learned so much with the birth of our grandchildren. I know you think with three children of my own, I should just about know most things but prematurity and complications of pregnancy is nothing I had ever experienced therefore knew so little.

Also with the birth of our grandchildren, I have become familiar with the March of Dimes and their role in helping babies. I never knew all the good things they do and the research that they are involved with. Again, a learning experience. I now know enough about them that I support their cause. I try to walk for babies, raise money for babies and in general raise awareness. Through organizations like this, babies are surviving and I want to be a part of that cause.

On April 9th, the Orangeburg March of Dimes will hold their walk. Our team, affectionately known as "Team Morgan Kate" will hopefully be out in full force. We had such a large group participate with us last year and we hope the number increases this year. Team shirts are available upon request and of course, we hope to raise lots of money. If you would like to contribute, please mail a check to me made out to March of Dimes or contact me and I will instruct you on making an online contribution.

I would like to offer a challenge. For every tshirt order placed, my husband and I will donate $1 to the March of Dimes up to $150.00. Maybe you could consider making a challenge like that. Could be alot of fun but most importantly, it is for a good cause.


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