Sunday, May 23, 2010

More on being a grandmother

I know I have written a post on being a grandmother before but things are changing. I now have two grandchildren and twice the blessings! I once read that grandmothers are the ones who take delight in hearing babies breathing into the phone. This weekend I had the delight of being with both of my grandchildren. On Friday evening, we were in the grocery store and Morgan Kate and I were wandering down an aisle all by ourselves. Actually I was trying to keep up with her but anyway we were on the cookie aisle. She would go from one side of the aisle to the other, taking off a box of cookies each and every time. She would place the box on the floor and move on. At that moment, I stopped and chuckled. I thought about the times that my own children would do that in the grocery store and I would reprimand them and see who was looking. I certainly didn't want anyone to think my children were out of control. On this trip to the grocery store, I not only didn't care what others thought I laughed at Morgan Kate and played along. (Just for the record I would put the boxes back on the shelf as she moved on). My point in sharing this was to hopefully explain how for my children this type of episode in the grocery store would probably not have been pleasant but for my grandchild, it was genuinely fun and a valuable lesson learned. I have learned to enjoy the simple things in life, the pleasures of watching inquisitive minds at work and to truly step back and allow children to be children. It's amazing how the things that your own children did that drove you crazy are the very things that are so cute when your grandchildren do them.

On Saturday I shared lunch at McDonalds with both of my grandchildren. Again an experience that was just plain fun and I'm sure everyone noticed the pride on my face. Upon returning home, I was swinging Hunter outside. He was wide awake and looked up with his beautiful eyes as I was singing to him. I probably need to stop right here and explain that the majority of my family dodges me singing so to have a captive audience was nice. I honestly don't know if he was just trying to figure out what the noise was or whether he enjoyed my singing. I like to think the latter.

To top the day off, my mom had come for a visit and she was quizzing Morgan Kate - she loves to see what she can say these days and my mom will prompt her and see what answers Morgan Kate gives. She pointed to me and asked Morgan Kate who I was. Morgan Kate never missed a beat and shouted "Ka Ka". Talk about your heart melting! The sound was sweet and the hug that followed was beyond words.

Being a grandmother is just that....GRAND!


Melissa and Sam said...

You are truly a blessing to all that know you! You already know this but I'm going to say it again. You are a wonderful mother and grandmother! How lucky your children and grandchildren are to have you as theirs!

Heather and Travis said...

Mommy, this post was so sweet! It is such an amazing feeling to have grandparents that are as involved as you and Daddy. Thank you so much for all you do! MK had a blast with you! As for the singing....I shall plead the fifth. Ha, ha! Love you muches!

Nancy Bozard said...

It's great loving on your grandchildren. I laugh at the things they do that Elizabeth and Brian never got away with!!! Noah comes to me when he's in trouble!!! Oh, how I jump up when I hear them coming home from an outing with their mommy and daddy. Didn't think I could move that fast!! When Noah says, "Here's your truck Nonna. You can drive this one!" Aww! I'm driving trucks on the floor. Juliana melts my heart and I laugh at her temper. Megan is my angelic, mellow, "takes everything in stride" baby. All so wonderful! I understand your joy! Hunter and Morgan Kate are blessed to have you and vice versa! Much love!